Monthly coloring and activity pages sent straight to your inbox!

What you'll get:

Each month you'll receive a PDF file filled with coloring and activity pages with a biblical theme! 

Every month includes:

  • A traceable monthly calendar

  • Multiple themed coloring pages

  • Themed Reading Tracker page

  • Themed Bible verse tracing in print and cursive

  • A fully colored art print to match

  • A themed monthly banner (in color and black and white)

After downloading to your computer, you can print and enjoy these pages as many times as you'd like. Once you have an active subscription and a customer account (set up at checkout or through your Arrows & Applesauce customer account page) you also have access to all past Apple Snacks pages to download and print as you need! (Note: A customer account is not automatically set up for you at purchase. You have to create an account.)

These are perfect activities to keep little hands busy during your morning basket. Use as great conversation starters or a fun treat to look forward to at the beginning of each month. Invite your child to color with you and enjoy some relaxing quality time together! At just $5 a month for the subscription, it's a small investment with a big payoff!

How it works:

Select the "Subscribe and Save" option to get your Apple Snacks sent to your email on the 23rd of each month! You'll receive the current months files immediately after your first payment. Billing will be processed and emails sent on the 23rd of each month after that to allow you and your kiddos time to color the month-specific activities. For example, on September 23rd you'll receive the October files.

Once you receive your email you'll need to download your files to a computer as soon as possible. Files will be updated to the new set each month so to ensure you have your files for later use, download them to your computer as soon as possible. I recommend using an up-to-date PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat (the free one is perfect!) for viewing and printing. 

The monthly banner can be printed on card stock for durability and display. All other pages print perfectly on regular 8.5"x11" computer paper. Make the traceable calendar and Bible verse traceing pages reuseable by laminating or using a dry erase pocket! You can manage your subscription at any time through your Arrows & Applesauce account.


Q. Are these physical or digital pages?

A. These are digital PDF files. No physical items are mailed to you.

Q. How will I receive my files?

A. The link to download your files will be available once your first payment is processed and emailed to the email address you provide at checkout. The next billing cycle starts on the 23rd of each month.

Q.When will I be billed?

On the 23rd of every month following your initial purchase.

Q. How do I manage my subscription?

Visit your Arrows & Applesauce customer account page.

Q. Can I purchase the pages without subscribing?

Yes! Just select "One-Time Purchase" on the product page and you'll receive the current month's pages only.

Q. Can I share the files I purchase with my friends and family?

A. I'm thrilled that you want to share, but these files are for personal use only. You may not share or sell the PDF file links or physical copies of my activities. You can print them and use them in your home as often as you need. You're also free to share my shop info with friends and family so they can enjoy my activities too. Contact me for extended printing licenses.

Q. My files are printing too large or the images are cut off. How do I fix this?

A. There should be an option on your printer or computer print screen labeled "fit to screen" (or something similar; it's different on some printers). That should take care of it.

Q: Where do I find past Apple Snacks pages?

A: You can find all past pages HERE. Note: You must have an active Apple Snacks subscription and customer account to access these pages. A customer account is not automatically created so you may need to do that to log in.

Have a question? I'm happy to help!